Who we are

The Open Data Charter is a collaboration between governments and experts working to open up data, based on a shared set of principles. It was founded in 2015 around six principles for how governments should be publishing information. The shared aspiration was that data should be open by default, timely and interoperable. More than 70 governments and organisations have joined the movement.

The Charter’s goal is to embed the culture and practice of openness in governments in ways that are resilient to political change and driven by user demand.

At the beginning of 2017 the Open Data Charter created a small team of three to support the Charter. The Charter is overseen by an advisory board, the Lead Stewards, made up of representatives from government and expert organisations. A broader network of General Stewards supports the work of the movement, including through participating in the five Charter working groups.

Read more about our strategy and approach in this blog from our Executive Director, Ania Calderon.

The Team

Ania Calderon @aniacalderon, Executive Director, led the national open data policy in Mexico for the past 3 years, delivering a key presidential mandate on opening up government data in more than 200 public institutions and a network of over 40 cities in Mexico and strengthening open data commitments globally.

Ania will provided overall leadership for the team. She will develop goals and strategies to advance its mission, promote the Charter at the highest levels and provide sound fundraising systems and financial management for the success of the organisation.

Liz Carolan @lizcarolan, Strategy and Programme Director, is a leading open data policy expert who has supported leaders from over 30 countries to implement open data in their governments. She built the ODI’s international development practice, having developed and delivered governance programmes for the Institute for Government, and the Africa Governance Initiative.

Liz will lead on the development of the Charter’s strategy and will be responsible for developing the sector package programme.

Robert Palmer @robertnpalmer, Partnerships and Communication Director, has a track-record of building diverse coalitions to achieve substantial political change through his work combating money laundering at Global Witness.

Robert will lead on the outreach work to governments, including by scoping a strategy focused on sub-national governments and cities. He will help develop the overall narrative for the Charter and open data by leading the team’s communications work. He will also have responsibility for the anti-corruption sector package.

The Open Data Charter Lead Stewards

The Open Data Charter Stewards

If you are interested in becoming a Charter Steward, see the steps outlined in the FAQ on becoming involved as a Steward.

The Open Data Charter Working Groups

  1. Implementation Working Group  –  Develops tools and resources to support governments in the implementation of Charter principles, and promote and facilitate peer learning across signatory countries and organizations.
  2. Technical Working Group  –  Ensures that open data standards across sectors are connected and interoperable, support the identification and development of internationally-recognized data standards and promote the use to create impact.
  3. Subnational Governments Working Group  –  Develops strategies for subnational governments to develop their Open Data initiatives in line with Charter principles.
  4. Private Sector Working Group  –  Develops strategies for engagement with the private sector and explore the role of private sector in open data and in the implementation of Charter principles.
  5. Measurement and Accountability Working Group  –  Develops mechanisms to promote accountability and monitoring processes for the Open Data Charter members.

If you represent a government, civil society organization, private sector or multilateral working on open data and wish to participate in the Open Data Charter’s working groups, please send an email to info@opendatacharter.net.