About the Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a searchable, interactive and collaborative platform, which brings together useful tools to help support the delivery of the Principles of the Open Data Charter.

The Resource Centre is currently in beta and aims to be an enabling tool for governments wishing to implement the Open Data Charter. It will not be a comprehensive list of standards or metrics to which governments will be held accountable, but instead a repository of useful documents, links, studies, and policies that can support open data implementation anywhere in the world, as well as for all the materials produced and developed by the Charter’s Working Groups.




Contribute to the Rescue Centre and/or request resources

If you or your organization/government have resources you would like to contribute to the Resource Centre, please submit through the link below.These resources can either be developed and ready to use, under development or become suggestions that will help prioritise the development of future work. We are also open to suggestions for desired resources which will assist in enabling putting open data principles into practice. The Implementation Working Group of the Open Data Charter will review the proposals periodically, and contact proponents with the next steps of the process.