Developing the Anti-Corruption Sector Package

Developing the Anti-Corruption Sector Package

The International Open Data Charter establishes core principles for open data initiatives across the world. To build on these principles, and deliver the greatest impacts from open data, we need governments, companies and civil society to take co-ordinated action in publishing and using high-impact datasets.

From anti-corruption to climate change, open data can be a tool to address key challenges. New open data infrastructures are needed to unlock greater innovation, and sustain practical problem solving with data.

That’s why the Open Data Charter Technical Working Group is co-ordinating a process to develop ‘sector packages’, practical resources focused on the application of open data to particular domains.

Sector packages will:

  • Identify clear use cases for open data in a specific sector
  • Set out key data elements in that sector
  • Provide recommendations on sector-specific datasets to publish
  • Review available standards for relevant data publication
  • Provide implementation case studies and guidance
  • Support shared learning to build robust open data infrastructures

The first of these sector packages has now formally entered a drafting stage, with Transparencia Mexicana acting as the co-ordinating author, and working with a community of researchers and contributors globally.

The development of the anti-corruption package is sponsored by the Open Contracting Partnership, and IDRC, with support facilitated by ISEEED and Practical Participation.

Over the coming month, the package team will be digging deep into user needs, use cases and dataset requirements, and consulting widely on the open data needed to address corruption. They will be building on the feedback to the consultation launched last year, and inviting further input through an open consultation.

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