Gender Equality

Icons from the Noun Project

The Challenge: Gender inequality remains rampant across sectors. From the wage gap, which hinders economic development , to our more recent work in the care economy, we’ve found that information on care is fragmented and, in many cases, limited and lacking.

The lack of transparency and patchiness of the information available on the gender pay gap and the care economy, and in broader sectors, inhibits understanding of the causes and effects of inequality.

The Solution: Data is one of the tools that allows us to highlight inequality and gaps in the political, economic, social and cultural sectors.

Publishing and using accessible, comparable and timely data on various dimensions of the gendered inequality would stimulate private and public sector efforts needed to close these gaps.

Opening up Data in the Care Economy

In partnership with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and with the support of IDRC, we are proud to introduce a project—the first of its kind—that designed and implemented a Care System of Indicators (SICCABA), in Argentina to improve the quality of care.

The project also aimed:

  • To highlight the unequal distribution of care work and contribute to decision-making in order to build more gender-equal relationships;
  • To make care and the demands on women more visible;
  • To create an efficient tool to design and monitor public care policies and
  • To generate dialogue between governments, civil society organisations, international organisations, academia and experts working on this agenda.

Our Work in Gender Equality

Below is a list of our major work in gender equality for your reference:

  • Closing Gender Pay Gaps: Identifying roles for government and the private sector, 2020 (Eng)
  • Unpacking Gender Gaps in Public Sector Employment and Pay, 2021 (Eng)
  • Caring for Equality: A data collaboration to create a Care Indicators System in Buenos Aires City, 2021 (Eng)
  • Care Work and Gender (a video recording of an Implementation Working Group session), 2022 (Eng)
  • Speaking of Care – The beginning of collaborative work with the government of México City, 2023 (ENG) (SPA)

You can also visit our blog for more articles and writings on gender.