Global Open Data Index 2016/2017

The Global Open Data Index (GODI) is the annual global benchmark for publication of open government data, run by the Open Knowledge Network. The crowdsourced survey measures the openness of government data according to the Open Definition.

By having a tool that is run by civil society, GODI creates valuable insights for government’s data publishers to understand where they have data gaps. It also shows how to make data more useable and eventually more impactful. GODI therefore provides important feedback that governments are usually lacking.

To spark debate, OKI have released GODI in two phases:

  1. The dialogue phase – They are releasing the data to the public after a rigorous review. Yet, during their assessment some information might have remained unnoticed. They will give all users a chance to contest the index results for 30 days, starting May 2nd. In this period, users of the index can comment on OKI’s assessments through their Global Open Data Index forum. On June 2nd, they will review those comments and will change some index submissions if needed.
  2. The final results – on June 15 OKI will present the final results of the index. For the first time ever, they will also publish the GODI white paper. This paper will include OKI’s main findings and recommendations to advance open data publication.