New additions to our Advisory Board

New additions to our Advisory Board

29 days ago

By Ania Calderon

We are pleased to announce the appointment of four new inspiring members to our Advisory Board. The Open Data Charter will greatly benefit from the wise leadership and diverse expertise of Ms. Nosa Ero-Brown, Mr. Gonzalo Iglesias, Mr. Muchiri Nyaggah and Dr. Catherine Woteki.

Together with our full board, they will support the delivery of our mission and help realise a world where open data is a central ingredient for solving tough policy problems, improving governance and government responsiveness and promoting more inclusive and equitable societies.

Learn more about our new board members:

Ms. Nosa Ero-Brown is the Director of Ontario’s Open Government Office with a mandate to lead the development and execution of an open government strategy for Ontario’s Public Service. Nosa led the development and implementation of Ontario’s open data policy; and championed the efforts for Ontario to adopt the Charter and join the Open Government Partnership. These efforts were awarded with the highest organisational recognition at the Canadian Open Data Excellence Award 2017.

She believes strongly that the promise of open data can be realised by implementing the principles of the Charter in a manner that is inclusive, diverse and relevant in our daily lives.

Mr. Gonzalo Iglesias, joins us as the representative of the Government of Argentina and host to the Open Data Charter, as they prepare to welcome the world to the 5th International Open Data Conference in Buenos Aires on 20–21 September 2018. He is the National Director of Data and Public Information in the Ministry of Modernisation for the Government of Argentina.

Mr. Muchiri Nyaggah is the Executive Director at the Local Development Research Institute (LDRI), an action-oriented think tank supporting efforts of African Union member states to end extreme poverty, end hunger and reduce inequalities. Muchiri is also a Senior Fellow at the Results for Development Institute where he provides guidance on data for decision-making projects. His work contributes to the strengthening of efforts to leverage data and data-informed strategies to solve real-world problems.

Muchiri has worked in technology and innovation consulting for twenty years, six of which have been spent focusing on open data and open government in Africa as a driver for improving development outcomes. He has keen interest in the implementation of Africa’s development agenda, its impact and how developmental states can deliver better outcomes for Africa’s people.

Dr. Catherine Woteki is a professor at Iowa State University with over 40 years of senior management experience in both public & private sectors. Dr. Woteki served as the Chief Scientist and Under Secretary in the United States Department of Agriculture under the Obama administration (2010–2016). Here, she instituted the USDA’s first scientific integrity and open data policies; and was instrumental in establishing and implementing the US government open data policies in food and agriculture programs.

With insight into the benefits of governments embracing open data policies and making them fully operational; she is a keen supporter of the Open Data Charter and consider it as a key global enabler that will provide a wide spectrum of public benefits.

This year will be an exciting phase for the Charter, keep an eye for our new 2018 strategy coming soon, we look forward to working with you!