New Areas

Below are new areas of work we’ve begun to explore to keep abreast with the latest discussions and developments in open data.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Open Data: Open Data Needs for AI and International Development

The Open Data Charter is excited to collaborate with Canada’s International Development Research Centre in this exploration of data needs for the use of AI in the global south. What open data is needed now and in the future by AI practitioners for their development initiatives?

We were invited to share approaches for improving government data supply for AI to solve development problems, with a focus on data needs assessment and gaps in knowledge and collaboration between data suppliers and AI practitioners. Click the above to watch the video.

Our Implementation Working Group meeting held on 23 May 2023 focused on understanding the gaps and possibilities for Open Data and AI. We invited speakers from the Global Index for Responsible, The GovLab and ILDA. The video is available in two languages:

Data Rights

Finding the ‘Rights’ Balance – Part I

How access to public information and open data complement each other

Finding the ‘Rights’ Balance – Part II

7 ideas to harmonize debates surrounding open data and privacy