Open Data Maturity Model: A Guide

Assessing your open data publishing and use

The Open Data Maturity Model is being developed by the Open Data Institute and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs to help organisations assess how effectively they publish and consume open data.

The model supports the assessment of operational and strategic activities around open data, provides guidance on potential areas for improvement, and helps organisations compare themselves against one another to highlight their respective strengths and weaknesses, adopt best practices and improve their processes.

The model is based around five themes, each representing a broad area of activity:

  1. data management processes,
  2. knowledge and skills,
  3. customer support and engagement,
  4. investment and financial performance and
  5. strategic oversight

An assessment grid helps organisations identify their levels of maturity for each of the activities.

Organisations can use the model to set themselves appropriate goals based on their current maturity, resourcing and anticipated benefits. To achieve the full, long-term benefits of open data, organisations must take steps beyond basic data publication, the assessment of open data publishing and consumption is a strong starting point.While the model has been initially developed for a UK public sector audience, it can also be applied to any type of organisation with little or no modification, whether they are already publishing or consuming open data, or are planning to do so