Open Data Benchmark Study

The survey, sponsored by Socrata and conducted by EMC Research, was designed to better understand the current attitudes and opinions on the open data environment among publishers and users of open data. The survey asks respondents from governments throughout the United States a series of questions about open data in their organizations. The questions cover a wide range of open data aspects including policy, philosophy and approach, benefits and impacts, and asks them to evaluate government performance on providing this data.

G8 Open Data Charter

G8 leaders signed the Open Data Charter on 18 June 2013.

The Open Data Charter sets out 5 strategic principles that all G8 members will act on. These include an expectation that all government data will be published openly by default, alongside principles to increase the quality, quantity and re-use of the data that is released. G8 members have also identified 14 high-value areas – from education to transport, and from health to crime and justice – from which they will release data. These will help unlock the economic potential of open data, support innovation and provide greater accountability.

5-star Open Data

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web and Linked Data initiator, suggested a 5-star deployment scheme for Open Data. This resource gives examples for each step of the stars and explain costs and benefits that come along with it.